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Drum Solo

 · A drum solo is very much an emotional extension of a drummer, a fact that's true of Keith Moon's solo, which he played while appearing on the .

The drum solo in this song begins around , and it’s definitely a memorable one despite it being relatively short. One of my favorite aspects of the video from this song is how prominently it displays Rick Allen playing the drums throughout and his electronic drum set rings out so clearly throughout the music. While this song may be the.

 · An Insane Drum Solo from Buddy Rich performed @ the concert of the Americas,Please Rate Comment and Suscribe!

 · Photo credit: DerekVelasquez. Who can deny John Henry Bonham? His drum solo in ‘Moby Dick’ is out of this world.. While the album version of the solo is just around two full minutes, in concert, Zeppelin would extend this solo, giving John upwards of twenty minutes sometimes. The climax of the solo features a pattern known as “Bonham Triplets.”.

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  1. 10 Best Drum Solos Of All Time 1. Steve Gadd – Java Jazz Fest That's why Steve Gadd is the number one drummer in the world. If playback doesn't 2. John Bonham – Moby Dick Drum Solo. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. 3. Neil Peart – Live In.

  2.  · This is an old song created in the s and a very long one at that, spanning for up to seventeen minutes. If you are looking for a monster drum solo, then you are looking at the right song. Ron Bushy’s solo starts at about six minutes and thirty seconds into the song and lasts for about two minutes. Aja by Steely DanEmail: [email protected]

  3. Throughout this drum solo Greb displays an extraordinary level of limb independence, that allows him to groove with ease. The most impressive aspect of this drum solo is simply how effortless he makes polyrhythms and metric modulation seem, all the while maintaining a deep pocket! This is one of the best drum solos, from a true master of his.

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